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The number one membership benefit in the Co-Op is ownership.  That's right.  Upon joining, your  organization automatically become an owner of a nonprofit co-operative enterprise.  And, as an owner, you will have the opportunity to participate in Co-Op affairs, all without any liability for Co-Op obligations.  You will be able to attend member meetings and vote on agenda items and  exercise other ownership privileges.  Please keep in mind that each organization is limited to one membership and each membership has one vote on Co-Op business.  Best of all, the price of membership is only $59, and $20 of the fee is refundable upon termination or expiration of your membership. 

Directory Listings

Member organizations will enjoy a directory listing on  web sites published by the Co-Op.  The listing on will be your membership information to be shared with other Co-Op members, while the destination page for your organizations service area on will have information & links to the organizations website. For the first month of membership your organization will have a full color 150 x180 ad on the page of their choice on the site. 

Discounts and Rebates

Member organizations enjoy discounts on any ads they place on Co-op web sites and any of the print publications that the Co-Op has contracted with.


Following is a list of websites the Travel Co-Op maintains advertising on or contracts with:






Organizations individual members can participate in Co-Op advertising as a benefit of being a part of your organization. Just another benefit the Co-Op can add to your membership organization.
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A unique feature of Co-Op membership is the potential for member patronage dividends.  There is no guarantee that dividends will be paid...that is determined by the Co-Op board of directors when there is a fiscal year operating surplus.  No surplus means no patronage dividend potential for that year.Each member is a beneficiary if a surplus exists and the board of directors decides to pay a dividend.  And, the dividend is based pro-ratably on participation by each member in the financial affairs of the Co-Op.  So, if a member advertises, for example, the dollar value of the ads will be taken into account in determining that member's dividend share.  It's all very democratic, and regulated by State statute.   

And More......

Benefits of membership keep accruing.  The Co-Op operates a 1-800 Call Center for its' members benefit, provides a venue for listing events, describing attractions, and provides other invaluable tourist information to Hill Country visitors.  It also maintains a comprehensive marketing program, including a newsletter, press releases, social media posts, Co-Op advertisements in third-party media, and much more.  But, perhaps most important of all benefits, aside from ownership, is the Co-Op's willingness and desire to participate in and promote local community activities by joining local organizations and assisting in local activities.